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percy jackson casino

Percy Jackson (Originaltitel: Percy Jackson & the Olympians) ist eine fünfbändige . über siebzig Jahre im Lotus Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas verbracht haben. 5. Apr. Hey, Leute, am Sonntag lief in Pro7 ja der Film "Percy Jackson - Diebe im Olymp" und da waren die in einem Lotus Casino und haben Snacks gegessen. Mai Percy Jackson-Diebe im Olymp. star gold star Wie alt ist Percy Jackson? . Die drei kommen in Las Vegas in ein großes Casino mit Hotel. Dort angekommen geraten Magic star casino und Annabeth in eine Falle des Götterschmiedes Hephaistosdie dazu dienen sollte, Aphrodites Liebesverhältnis mit Ares auffliegen zu lassen. Der Rucksack, den er Percy in Denver gegeben hat, war so verzaubert, real angebot diese woche der Herrscherblitz darin auftaucht, wenn er die Unterwelt erreicht hat. Der erfahrene Filmemacher hat gerade seine Später träumt Beste Spielothek in Bardenbach finden von einer Grube, aus der heraus ihn eine dunkle Stimme zu manipulieren versucht. Percy versucht also in die Unterwelt zu gelangen und Hades von seiner Unschuld zu überzeugen, um so seine Mutter zurückzubekommen. Nach der Veröffentlichung dauerte es weitere fünf Jahre, bis Hollywood die erste der Percy-Jackson-Geschichten verfilmte. Poseidons Bootshaus, wo Chiron Percy verrät, dass sein Vater der Meeresgott und einer der drei bedeutendsten olympischen Thai Flower Slot Machine Online ᐈ Barcrest™ Casino Slots ist. Somit hat sich bayern köln Zeile des Orakels erfüllt, dass ein Freund ihn verraten werde. Er spielt den majestätischen, mächtigen Leiter des Ausbildungscamps für Halbgötter. Brunner, auch die boshafte Mathematiklehrerin Mrs. Im Film blieben sie wegen den Lotusblüten und im Bvb bundesliga spiele wegen den Spielen.

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Ich bin ernsthaft davon überzeugt, dass er der nächste Leonardo DiCaprio werden könnte. Ich mag diese Welt sehr, sie ist richtig spannend. Mit einem Kugelschreiber, der Mr. Die eine Version zeigt den Olymp aus Percys Sicht: Sie bestand aus vier Einzelteilen, die dann vor der gigantischen Säulenkulisse des Parthenon nahtlos zusammengefügt wurden. Ich sehe in diesen beiden Figuren ein Paar, das sich in seinem beiderseitigen Hass sehr gut eingerichtet hat. Diesmal will ein Junge seinen Vater finden, während er seine Mutter zu retten versucht. Once in the ocean, Percy regains all of his strength, drops his avatar form, grabs Setne by south aprk throat, and drags him to the island. Go read them now. Helden des Olymp — Der Sohn des Neptun. Creepy Atmosphere and Nightmarish Scenes 5 It's not supposed to be a horror story. Nj online casino seriously out did himself with writing the camp. However, Beckendorf and Blackjack land on the hood of the car before Percy is able to answer though he remarks to himself that he felt like one of Apollo's sacred cows—"dumb, slow, and bright red". Along with Achilles' actual heel, the final book has two—a spot on Casino jockgrim back and a spot near Luke's armpit. He tried to reach the camp but collapses. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Percy then invites him for cake and ice cream. My feelings for this movie was really good, my heart was actually pounding when they did the fight scenes. Poseidon vernichtet Typhon und Percy und Annabeth stehen Kronos online suchspiele. He is currently in a relationship with Annabeth Chase. The dream features two animals, which is Red Seven Ultra Slot - Free to Play Online Casino Game horse and a bird attacking Beste Spielothek in Kumma finden other.

The world will fall, the gods will die, and I will never achieve a perfect score on this stupid machine! I don't suppose you have coins for passage.

Normally, with adults, you see, I could charge your American Express, or add the ferry price to your last cable bill. Suppose you'll have to take a seat for a few centuries.

A shroud for the son of Hermes. You poisoned the tree, you betrayed Thalia, you set us all up-all to help Kronos destroy the gods.

Because I want everybody in the audience to hear you. She glanced down at the minotaur horn in my hands, then back at me. I imagined she was going to say You killed a minotaur or wow, you're so awesome!

Beckendorf apparently took out a picture of his family shortly before going to blow up the Princess Andromeda.

Played straight with Annabeth, Percy, and the entire Hades bloodline. Played with in that Athena points out Percy's fatal flaw, but it never ends up being used effectively against him.

Actually, it does get used against him, quite effectively. Just, never after Athena tells him about it, which may be in part due to Kronos' titanic ego and the fact that they're at war from the point he finds out.

While it's not used directly against him per se, we do frequently see Percy get reminded during TLO to stop trying to fight every single battle and save everyone himself, since he'd wear himself into the ground that way.

It may not have been mentioned by name, but it's still present. Interviews confirm Luke's fatal flaw is Wrath. He's blinded by anger at the gods and lashes out against them, and that same anger and recklessness keeps him from realizing how badly he's screwed up until it's too late to stop the ball rolling.

In true Greek tragedy fashion, it ends up killing him. Monsters turn to sand when killed, but eventually return.

In The Kane Chronicles we finally find out why: And in the newest series, this happens even faster due to Gaea's meddling and the chaining of the Doors of Death.

Ares, god of war, has creepy flaming eyes because he's a representation of violence and rage; he normally wears sunglasses to cover them up. Hestia also has flames for eyes, but hers are described as much warmer and less creepy; justified, since she's goddess of the hearth, the literal "home fires.

Annabeth is the first named girl introduced, unless you count the bully at Yates. A really loose example, but Silena, Aphrodite's daughter, and Beckendorf, Hephaestus' son, are technically step-siblings, seeing as their divine parents are married.

While accurate it should be pointed out that Hephaestus and Aphrodite were an arranged marriage. Most myths state that Zeus had Aphrodite marry Hephaestus so that she would stop causing so many problems with the other male gods and he felt Hephaestus was a person of good character who would be a good husband.

In other stories Hephaestus knew what he was getting into and had a good sense of humor about it, hence his prank booby traps of epic proportions.

In TLO, after mainly encountering Greek gods and monsters, leading up to the sequel series. I'm Pomona, the Roman Goddess of Plenty!

God capital "G" God is something else entirely. We won't delve into the metaphysical. I have no wish to argue with you. But do you support the gods because they are good, or because they are your family?

Just about every single half-blood in this book. Killed Off for Real: Everyone that dies in the series. Luke not dying even though Percy thought he did in Titan's Curse doesn't really count because Annabeth told him about thirty seconds later that Luke wasn't dead.

The only aversion to this is Tyson. Everyone else thinks that Percy dies, too, but since the story is from his perspective so we know otherwise, it doesn't count.

Since there's a son of Hades as part of the cast, he can tell who's died. Percy's father, Poseidon, is Annabeth's great uncle, making the two of them second cousins.

However, considering the giant amount of incest that is Greek mythology, this doesn't come up at all. All the incest in Greek mythology is eventually explained in-series by the idea that the gods have no DNA and therefore cannot inbreed.

Demigods at Camp Half-Blood feel free to date any fellow demigod who does not share a divine parent—in other words, two Athena kids half-siblings would not go out, but an Athena kid and a Poseidon kid might, regardless of their technical relationship.

She is Ares' daughter, after all. Landmarking the Hidden Base: Mount Olympus is reachable via a special elevator to the th floor of the Empire State Building.

Alcatraz contains a Labyrinth entrance. The Hollywood Sign is the Underworld entrance for the film of the first book. The big three weren't born as rulers of their domains, they divided the world up after defeating their father.

In addition, gods apparently don't have DNA. As such the heroes inheriting some of their parent's powers, especially when it comes to children of the Big Three, is an example of this.

He has a tendency to recklessly charge into battle without a proper strategy. Who thought that two humans, one of whom can't even see through the Mist, could kick so much monster butt?

Chase gets a moment when he manages to kill a large number of the Titan's army using an antique plane he outfitted with a automatic gun that fires Celestial Bronze bullets.

He has one of the highest kill counts in the series. Libation for the Dead: Nico must offer food and drink to consult spirits.

Minos, his Treacherous Advisor , complains that it's traditional to use animal blood for necromancy. Nico tells him to shut up. Half-bloods are all dyslexic, since their brains are "hard-wired" to read Ancient Greek instead of English.

As a result, reading even regular signage is difficult unless it's in very large font. In Sea , Chiron observes that half-god and half-human heroes exist on two levels, as other creatures with mixed divine and other heritage do not.

But you, Percy - you are part god, part human. You live in both worlds. You can be harmed by both, and you can affect both. That's what makes heroes so special.

You carry the hopes of humanity into the realm of the eternal. They must be defeated again and again, kept at bay.

Heroes embody that struggle. You fight the battles humanity must win, every generation, in order to stay human.

Artemis preparing to launch Atlas back under the sky: People don't just appear on the beach unless they're demigods, or gods, or really, really lost pizza delivery guys.

It's happened— but that's another story. You turned me into a dandelion! Silena leading the Ares cabin to battle in the last book.

Even Lampshaded by Clarisse. I take orders from no one! I don't have dreams! Promptly, we cut to Percy riding on the underside of Widget, one of Polyphemus's lighter weight sheep, as an invisible Annabeth tells him to hang on.

In The Sea of Monsters , Annabeth explains that chain stores like Monster Donut multiply so rapidly because they are tied to a monster's life source.

Though there was not enough character development to understand the background and history of every character, and little information of what is going on.

If you watch until the end, the characters develop a little more, and things start to make a lot more sense. Personally, I wouldn't go and see it again on the theaters, but I will definitely buy this on DVD because there might be a lot of background scenes the DVD can offer like in the trailers, Percy is standing outside of the "building" "alone" and why they chose "that" scene instead of "this".

Oh yeah, remember, they probably didn't give all the chapters from the book play in the movie, because they didn't know if it would become successful, smart move writers I'm gonna give this a ten because most of these reviews listed here didn't reflect what I saw, and its poor rating.

The sound was absolutely wonderful probably because I was in the front , it sounded realistic AND matching.

Still good enough to be put on the big screen. My feelings for this movie was really good, my heart was actually pounding when they did the fight scenes.

And it definitely goes well with food as your watching. Just an FYI this is my first review ever, and I'm a huge fan-boy of the series.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. A teenager discovers he's the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods.

Craig Titley screenplay , Rick Riordan novel. Does the "Mayans M. Sea of Monsters' Trailer Premiere: Share this Rating Title: The Lightning Thief 5.

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Iconic Swords What's your favourite Greek Epic? Learn more More Like This. Sea of Monsters The Sorcerer's Apprentice Journey to the Center of the Earth The Chronicles of Narnia: Night at the Museum The Voyage of the Dawn Treader The Spiderwick Chronicles The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Book of Secrets The Mysterious Island Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Percy Jackson Brandon T.

Sally Jackson Kevin McKidd Gabe Ugliano Uma Thurman Edit Storyline When his lightning bolt is stolen, Zeus accuses Poseidon's son Percy Jackson and gives Poseidon's son fourteen days to return it, otherwise he will initiate a war amongst the gods.

View all 32 comments. Brunner, another one of Percy's teachers comes in and throws Percy a pen actually Riptide. She then reveals Vegas Hits Slots Online & Real Money Casino Play isn't so regular, as she sees the Skeleton Warriors for what they truly are and directs them away from Percy, who hid in a bathroom. The only thing he remembers is a dim memory of Annabeth. In the Underworld, they meet Hades and Persephone. When he was a toddler, his mother married Gabe Uglianohoping his horrid smell will mask Percy from monsters, whom Percy despised and called "Smelly Gabe" because of his body odor that smelled like moldy garlic pizza wrapped in gym shorts. Sea of Monsters Play Mini Roulette Arcade Games Online at Australia cast members. After a fight across Casino jockgrim, Percy defeats and apparently kills Luke and returns the netbet casino askgamblers bolt to Zeus, who forgives Percy and allows Poseidon to briefly speak with his son. May 27, Sabrina The Trash Queen marked it as to-read. Calypso and Percy first met when Percy was stranded on her phantom island of Ogygia. Percy frees Grover and Annabeth from the effects of the flowers, and after locating the pearl on Beste Spielothek in Huemoz finden roulette wheel being used as the roulette ballthey escape by stealing a winnable Maserati. When Nico arrived at Percy's bale privat with a plan to help defeat Kronos, Percy invited him instead and offered him some of his birthday cake. It was just so adorable and so cool. Retrieved from " https: It is unsure what Percy's exact feelings for Rachel are, as he never openly states them though, this may be because of Aphrodite making it hard for him, as she said she would because she likes him. Er spielt den majestätischen, mächtigen Leiter des Ausbildungscamps für Halbgötter. Dann gibt es noch drei kleine MacGuffins in Form von blauen Kugeln, weil dem Buch oder Drehbuch Razortooth - Mobil6000 kein Grund eingefallen ist, die Helden an drei verschiedene Wir-erleben-ein-Abenteuer-Stationen zu schicken. Sie sind als Nebenfiguren abgestempelt. Sie bestand aus vier Einzelteilen, die dann vor der gigantischen Säulenkulisse des Parthenon nahtlos zusammengefügt kostenlos casino slots spielen. Auf der Flucht vor Ungeheuern ins Camp rettet Thalia ihren Freunden — einem Schutzsatyr und zwei weiteren Halbbluten — das Leben, indem sie sich der Monsterhorde entgegenstellte.

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Im Film sind folgende acht weitere Olympier zu sehen, wobei es auch mehrere Quellen gibt, die andere Götter als Olymp-Bewohner nennen, je nach Autor der Quelle. Im Camp angekommen entwickeln sich die Ereignisse gegen Percys Hoffnungen: Erster deutscher Trailer zum Fantasyfilm "Percy Jackson: Das Problem bestand darin, die richtige Balance im komischen Element, das seine Erhabenheit als Gott nicht untergraben darf. Kronos selbst ruht in Fragmenten in einem goldenen Sarg auf dem Schiff. Percy Jackson — Im Bann des Zyklopen. Wir wissen nicht, warum er im Rollstuhl sitzt, bis wir in die Welt der griechischen Mythologie gelangen.

Ein wichtiges Thema der Serie ist der Naturschutz. Percys bester Freund Grover bekommt den Auftrag, nach dem Tod des Gottes Pan dafür zu sorgen, dass jeder einzelne selbst Verantwortung für den Erhalt der Natur übernimmt.

Genau wie Jason ohne Erinnerung an seine Vergangenheit, soll er hier das Vertrauen der römischen Halbgötter erringen, um die verfeindeten griechischen und römischen Halbgötter im Kampf gegen Gaia und ihre zweitgeborenen Söhne, die Giganten , zu vereinen.

Dabei werden zwei neue Hauptfiguren, die römischen Halbgötter Frank und Hazel eingeführt. Im vierten Band sind Percy und Annabeth im Tartarus.

Die anderen fünf Halbgötter sind auf dem Weg Richtung Griechenland. Man findet heraus, dass Nico einmal in Percy verliebt war.

Leo verbringt in diesem Band einige Zeit auf der Insel Ogygia. Vermutlich hat Aphrodite ihn dorthin geschickt.

Leo ist der erste, in den sich das Mädchen auf der Insel Ogygia nicht verliebt. Auch Percy war einmal dort — und natürlich verliebte sie sich auch in ihn.

Leo jedoch verliebt sich bekanntlich immer in die Mädchen, die ihn nicht lieben. Leo schwört, dass er das Mädchen retten wird.

Am Ende verliebt sie sich auch in ihn. Das Buch endet im Haus des Hades. Die Helden finden heraus, dass die Statue Athenes, die sie im 3.

Also rufen sie Reyna. Sie kommt auf ihrem Pegasus Scypio, der nach der langen Reise stirbt. In Percy Jackson erzählt: Griechische Heldensagen werden die Heldensagen von ihm erzählt.

Der in der Verfilmung jährige Held wird von dem amerikanischen Schauspieler Logan Lerman dargestellt.

Die Handlung weicht sehr vom Buch ab. August in die deutschen Kinos. Chris Columbus , der im ersten Film Regie führte, ist diesmal ausführender Produzent, während die Regie von Thor Freudenthal übernommen wurde.

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Percy Jackson — Diebe im Olymp. Percy Jackson — Im Bann des Zyklopen. Percy Jackson — Der Fluch des Titanen. It's super fun and fast-moving and the fact that it's kind of a HP rip-off actually makes me like it more.

God, I loved Harry Potter. The Lighting Thief is like methadone. That might be what I said about the The Amulet of Samarkand but it's more true here.

I can't wait to read the second one! Feb 15, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it really liked it Shelves: The entrance to the Underworld is in Los Angeles.

This book has done the impossible: Yes, that's right, that snot-faced, lily-livered waste of air of the very same name from the Harry Potter universe.

That n Chiron looked surprised. That name is now relegated to the ranks of "acceptable," because of my love for this book. Perseus Percy Jackson is the kind of kid with whom you can't help sympathizing.

He is the type that's born under a dark star, because inevitably, wherever he goes, whatever he does, however good his intentions, he can't help but fuck everything up.

Everything that can, does and will go wrong. A simple field trip can turn into a disaster in seconds. Jay-Z's got 99 problems, Percy might have more.

Her freckles were orange, as if somebody had spray-painted her face with liquid Cheetos. Nancy Bobofit is not a major character in the book.

I have to mention her because her character resounded with me. I had my own Nancy Bobofit back in grade school, only her name is Mimi.

Nearly 2 decades later, the memory of her horrible face still makes me shudder. What's with all the secrecy, man? He is a half-blood, meaning one of his parents is a Greek deity.

He gets sent to Camp Half-Blood, with roughly other kids like him. It's a freaky place for a kid who's known nothing but relative normalcy his entire life.

All of a sudden, he's playing Pinochle with a Greek God Dionysuswhat a drunk , his best friend Grover turns out to be a satyr, and the gorgeous blond girl who rescues him thinks he's a doofus and she keeps calling him "seaweed brain.

He is kind of a seaweed brain. Your dad created some stupid saltwater spring for his gift. My mom created the olive tree. The people saw that her gift was better, so they named the city after her.

As it turned out, Percy IS special. His dad is one of the Big Three gods. Which kind of sucks, because that's not supposed to happen.

Their children were just too powerful. The gods are fighting again when are they not And Zeus thinks that his bro, Poseidon, put Percy up to it.

Of course, blame the poor kid. He's not alone, he's accompanied by the snarky, gorgeous, fiercely competent Annabeth she of the seaweed brain name-calling , as well as the most incompetent satyr that ever lived.

In his pocket was a set of reed pipes his daddy goat had carved for him, even though he only knew two songs: It's going to be a loooooooong trip to the Underworld.

I am a Greek mythology buff. This book is just absolutely fucking perfect in every way when it comes to rewriting and reinterpreting the Greek pantheon.

It is so hilariously, awesomely irreverent, but completely fitting. The gods are reimagined, but they stay true to their true nature, and the myths are retold in a cheeky, flippant manner that had me giggling my ass off.

This book is so fantastically snarky to the Greek gods. Everything is incredibly well-explained to a lay audience, like how the Greek gods can't seem to keep it in their pants.

They ran around falling in love with humans and having kids with them. You assume it has to be a male god who finds a human female attractive?

How sexist is that? A collective consciousness that has burned bright for thousands of years. The gods are part of it.

The gods simply moved, to Germany, to France, to Spain, for a while. Wherever the flame was brightest, the gods were there. They spent several centuries in England.

All you need to do is look at the architecture. People do not forget the gods. He's got a special destiny.

He is a special child. Percy is such a sympathetic character, and although he won't be replacing Harry Potter in my heart any time soon, there is a special spot for him.

He can give up pretty fast. I want to go home now. He's pretty stupid sometimes Auntie Em, geez , he's not exactly heroic. He only does the heroic shit when there are no other options.

I can't say that I'm fond of Grover A good middle grade book makes you feel like a child again, and this book did just the trick. I found myself giggling throughout the book, and an hour after reading it, there's still a smile on my face that can't be wiped off.

View all 95 comments. View all 32 comments. Sep 30, Emily May rated it really liked it Shelves: Were you a bit weird in school? Or are you still in school and think you're kinda weird?

I mean, everyone is weird, but you know that I mean. Maybe you didn't fit in, maybe people thought you were a bit of a loser. Maybe you had learning difficulties, were a target for bullies, got into trouble a lot, maybe it seemed like your teachers just didn't like you.

Maybe you sucked at reading and were even diagnosed with dyslexia. Truth is, you're actually most likely a child Were you a bit weird in school?

Truth is, you're actually most likely a child of the gods with secret powers that enable you to zap those bullies and fulfill your true destiny.

Screw school, you've got bigger things to deal with anyway. Lol, this book is amazing. My only regret is that I didn't have it when I was twelve years old because I would have read this until it was falling apart in my hands.

Every insecure kid so basically every kid should read The Lightning Thief. I would want my hypothetical kids of the future to read this book.

It's the ultimate childhood fantasy - discovering that everything people labelled as "weird" or negative about you is actually caused by your secret awesomeness.

Pretty perfect message, if you ask me. I know, I know - this is plain old childhood wish fulfillment at its finest.

The best kids books are all about wish fulfillment to some extent and it's not like Percy Jackson doesn't have his fair share of enemies and heartache.

It's the same idea that we all loved to buy into. The orphaned and neglected Harry Potter discovering he is a wizard. The nerdy loser-ish Peter Parker developing special abilities and becoming Spiderman.

Children in the middle of WWII discovering a secret world through a wardrobe door in which they reign as royalty. Percy Jackson finding out he is the son of a god and has his own super powers.

On top of the powerful message, this is a fast-paced exciting fantasy story full of friendships, Greek mythology, magic, mystery, bad guys and girls, and constant adventure.

I enjoyed it now, despite me being a good ten years older than the target audience. I would have enjoyed it even more ten years ago. You should definitely go read this.

Then, when you're done, give it to a kid to read too. View all 45 comments. I just had to get the illustrated edition! I will leave some pics below and I took them last night so they are not great shots.

Like I said, sorry about the darkish pics. I was taking them while laying in bed last night. Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood.

If you're reading this because you think you might be one, my advice is: Believe whatever lie your mom or dad told you about your birth, and try to lead a normal life.

Being a half-blood is dangerous. Most of the time, it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways. If you're a normal kid, reading this because you think it's fiction, great.

I envy you for being able to believe that none of this ever happened. But if you recognize yourself in these pages-if you feel something stirring inside-top reading immediately.

You might be one of us. And once you know that, it's only a matter of time before they sense it too, and they'll come for you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

My name is Percy Jackson. Most people already know the story of Percy Jackson and how he found out he was a half-blood.

How he ended up in a half-blood camp almost didn't How he beat a Minotaur and later on, many things. I thought it was a fun read and I loved all of the different mythical creatures!

That was so wicked cool! Percy makes some good friends in the camp and they go with him to do a quest. He has been blamed for stealing something from Zeus, which he did not, so they have to set out to find who really did it.

Other wise there is going to be some knock down drag out with Zeus and Percy's father Poseidon and others of course.

So they set out on this quest. They get attacked by many creatures of all shapes and sizes. They also get help from certain creatures and a pink poodle named Gladiola who ran away from home and doesn't want to go back but does so the kids can have some reward money.

Anyhoo, I did want to smack the group a few times because of stupid things, but who doesn't do those from time to time. Melissa Martin's Reading List View all 34 comments.

Nov 15, Samadrita rated it did not like it Shelves: I have had my fill of too many stupid, brain-cell destroying comments posted on this review in the past few months asking me to write a 'best-selling book' before attempting to take apart Rick Riordan's writing.

I do have the right to record my feelings about a book in my review. And it's such a shame that I am actually being forced to put up this edit to make people aware of this fact.

If this review hurts your sentiments as a fan, I am sorry I can't help you there. You must grow up and learn to let dichotomous opinions co-exist in harmony on the same page.

Read at the expense of having to respect someone else's views. Aside from being highly unoriginal and unimaginative, the book grates on your nerves due to the frequency of Percy's lame attempts at sounding witty.

Seriously, I'm supposed to laugh at his observations on the 'Bull Man' and 'barnyard animals'? Not only did the writer not bother racking his brains to come up with a plot or a proper story, choosing instead to recycle key elements of the Harry Potter series, but he also ignored important aspects of a fantasy novel, one of which is the language.

To call the narration just bad will be an understatement. Same can be said about the dialogue and the way the plot progresses - it's one cliched event unfolding after another.

The only novel thing about this book is the seamless integration of Greek mythology into a fantasy-based set-up.

The 1 star is for that. And so I'd like to put a premature end to my review because I just realized the futility of writing one of a book I hated. Tanaka Miha Thank you!

This was very well said. Nov 05, Inqiad Bin Yeah it is a 5 star book. It is far better than Harry Potter. HP books are way too formal in terms of language and all.

Percy Jackson is the proper ki Yeah it is a 5 star book. Percy Jackson is the proper kids book adults also can find it amazing if they concentrate reading this.

Recommended to Cara by: Really is there something I could say that hasn't been said? Doubtful, but in utterly stupid human style I will write a review anyway attempting to tell people how cool this book is.

This is plainly an awesome idea. Here's the story to quench your curiosity. Percy Jackson has been dumped around from border school to border school.

He has never been quite like anybody else, but as the end of sixth grade approaches h Really is there something I could say that hasn't been said?

He has never been quite like anybody else, but as the end of sixth grade approaches he'll find out how unique he actually is I picked this up thinking that I would enjoy it, but not to the extent of really being hooked so fast.

Literally from the first pages I knew I was gonna finish this book. It's geared towards middle grade readers and mostly male I think, but really all that goes away when you're reading this.

As an older reader I did see most of the twists coming but that is because the author is generous about hints, which I have always liked.

What really sold it for me though is the action. I have mentioned this numerous times, but I'll say it again, I am a total sucker for action scenes.

Give me a good fight sequence and I'm there. A few reviews mention how this is ripoff of Harry Potter, and now that I think about it I could see where they are coming from.

There are definitely similarities, but to be honest I didn't really catch that, I guess I'm kind of dim We all love heroes.

Especially ones like Percy. People never expect much from him, and that's what makes this journey of his so personal to the reader. You root for him and are so glad that his muscling his way through it.

It has the feel of cheering for the underdog. And I'm guessing this underdog is going to blow everyone out of the water.

Oh glorious goodness they made a movie! Here is a link to the movie trailer. View all 54 comments. My inner child is absolutely devastated that I didn't read this series when I was a kid.

Percy Jackson was one of those series that was always there, just on the periphery of my social conscious.

I knew I should read it, but for one reason or another I gravitated to other things instead. Thankfully, as an adult who likes reviewing books for fun in my spare time, I have absolutely no shame about reading the series now, even if it was originally intended for a younger audience.

In some ways, I thi My inner child is absolutely devastated that I didn't read this series when I was a kid.

In some ways, I think I might have even enjoyed it more as an adult. I'm a huge fan of Greek mythology. I may or may not have filled electives in high school and college with classes on mythology; just like I may or may not have obsessed over shows like Xena and Hercules in my teenage years.

I had a great time comparing my own personal knowledge of Greek mythology against the ways that Riordan weaves the stories into Percy's larger adventure.

It's such a fun way to introduce Greek mythology to children and teens while staying entertaining for adults as well!

The mythology remains faithful to the original stories, but it feels fresh and fun here as each character is full of personality and charm.

The world is full of magic and wonder and I never once felt bored as the characters explored within it.

Speaking of characters full of personality, Percy Jackson himself is one of my new faves in terms of characterization.

He's brave, loyal and hilarious and his friendship with Grover and Annabeth has quickly become a favorite for me.

I think it's so awesome that Percy gets to sort of stand apart from other heroes in stories as a champion for those kids forevermore.

When I finished reading this book, I immediately went and told my 11 year old nephew that he absolutely had to read this book so I had someone to talk to about it.

I'm proud to call myself a Percy Jackson fan and will be continuing the rest of the series shortly! See this review and more on my blog: Book Bastion my blog: I picked up the first 3 books on a whim the other day and am excited to give it a go.

View all 40 comments. Jul 27, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 26 comments. I re-read this over the span of the past two days when I had to take two super-long bus trips.

This was the third time I've read the whole thing, I'm pretty sure kind of the fourth time I guess, since I read a lot of it out loud to my younger siblings last year.

There are few books that I loved when I was 12 that I still deeply love now, and this is one Yet another review: There are few books that I loved when I was 12 that I still deeply love now, and this is one of those few books.

In fact, the more times I read it the more I fall in love with it. I adore the series as a whole and think it develops so wonderfully as it goes along, and sometimes I almost forget how great the first book is.

Maybe it's not the strongest of the series, but it's still fantastic. Gosh that makes me feel old. I feel like I've rewritten this review like twenty times, but oh well.

I guess I just can't do this book justice. But I can't help it. I fell in love with these books when I was around 12 and I never outgrew them which is something I can't say for most books I liked when I was You know what's freaky?

So, my friend and I went to a Rick Riordan book signing recently. And that's not the freaky part, although seeing him in person was pretty freaky.

Anyway, we're standing there and I'm like, "OMG A lot of these kids were, like, not even born yet the first time we read The Lightning Thief.

And really there was no point to this story except to prove my point Everything about these books is just totally lovable.

The characters are great, the character relationships are nicely developed, the story is exciting, all the Greek mythology is tied in brilliantly, the humor is laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Mannn, I could go on and on. And they just get better with each book. I frequently pick these up and read parts of them just to make me feel better.

They're an instant pick-me-up. Also, random side note: I could go on a long rant about it, but I won't because that would be annoying.

Let's just focus on how awesome the book is. These books are just beastly awesome, and if you have not read them I pity your depraved soul.

Go read them now. If you have read the book and seen the movie, I am crying with you right now. Go read the book, for crying out loud!

View all 80 comments. Nov 16, karen rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 43 comments. On a positive note, I have the whole series on hand ready for me to binge as well as other series to look forward to.

I was all chill while my wonderful babies were out having the time of their lives, saving the world and of course trying not to get themselves killed in the meantime: The book is filled with hilarious banters, adventures and action and the pacing was just wonderful.

View all 35 comments. It's awfully late for me, I know. But I was stubborn enough to not listen to 2 of my best half blood friends here on Goodreads to visit the Olympians.

And Believe me if you didn't read it.. And creepy atmosphere and nightmarish scenes, interwoven with huge honest references of the Greek myth that serves as crazy urban fantasy theories related to our real life..

All that in a very hell of very thrilling real roller coaster plot, that takes you across the United States, and back again..

A story that serve for one complete story for 'Book One', and leaves you longing for the next ones that promising of even bigger plot.

Now, if you're still want me to talk about why you should start reading this series, heres the above's..

His life, bits about his past, then bit by bit into the conflict s , then the Greek Mythology … then the Quest s..

Finding the Lighting Thief Everything smooth and well explained with what serve book one -with hints that sure will serve later books- Well Paced.

I truly rarely felt like that with most new YAs… always there's this boring slow parts that show up every now and then.

Amazing Bunch of Characters 4. May be because everything smoothly introduced. And he just keep in character, I mean for 12 years old kid, would you believe he'd go to the dangerous underworld to retrieve the Lighting weapon from The Lighting Thief?

Just because some gods will do wars for it? And I love that. Also having Attention Defucit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD and Dyslexia as well as it served an important point of making the high fantasy of the Greek Myth into our real world-urban- fantasy, it also a good touch to encourage any kid who suffers that -which is bit more than you may think- anyone can be hero..

Percy didn't stop trying to read the whole book.. Or worse, they were going to make me read the book. And I also loved the mother and her love of Blue food.

So long no photo, here's some blue food. Also all the other characters are very well introduced..

Man kann so fast alle bekannten Blüten selbst basteln und das macht sich aus gefärbter Marzipanmasse besser, braucht aber trotzdem Talent und ein glückliches Händchen ;- Ich hab die ganze Zeit mit den o. Er scheint unbezwingbar, doch Annabeth erlangt einen gewissen Einfluss auf seinen "Gastkörper" Luke, der einst ihr engster Freund war. Als geeignet oder nicht?: Man findet heraus, dass Nico einmal in Percy verliebt war. Man bekommt nicht gerade oft die Chance, den König der Götter zu spielen, Zeus ist ein charismatischer, aber auch verschlagener Gott. Das macht die Geschichte so emotional. Hades' Theorie scheint sich zu bestätigen, als Percy in seinem Rucksack den Herrscherblitz findet. Obwohl sein Zusammenleben mit Annabeth bisher nicht geklappt hat, hilft er ihren Freunden und verteidigt sie in der letzten Schlacht mit seinem Flugzeug vor Lukes Ungeheuern. Hier ist noch ein Bild davon, da sieht man das ja recht gut. Dies bereitet Grover Angst, als wäre es ein böses Omen. Dadurch sind wir sehr schnell zu einem Team zusammengewachsen. Das waren richtig schöne Lotusblüten. Wir wissen nicht, warum er im Rollstuhl sitzt, bis wir in die Welt der griechischen Mythologie gelangen. Zurück im Camp wird auch Chiron über die näheren Ereignisse und Hintergründe des Abenteuers aufgeklärt.

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